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At Foot HQ Podiatry we house professional specialists of the Foot and Lower Limb offering evidence-based treatment options for our clients by focusing on achieving every patient’s goals whilst treating their symptoms. Our main drive here is to reduce your pain levels and improve your quality of life to allow you to continue performing daily activities at functional levels. Not only do we treat the symptoms but we focus on the root factors contributing to the pain. Through a detailed history and dynamic functional assessment we are able to work together as a team (client and practitioner) to figure a plan together on how to move forward. In doing so we also aim to educate the patient to avoid recurrence of injuries in the future with unique client to client adaptive techniques for their circumstances. Our team is equipped with an array of experience in the Foot and Lower Limb in which we pride our expertise through our work. With much success working with people of all walks of life from children right through to the elderly we are able to carter for almost all cases. Foot HQ Podiatry operates in Miranda NSW 2228, a 2 minute walk from the Miranda Westfield Centre, 4 minute walk from Miranda Train Station and also street front parking with available disability parking. To book a consultation with a specialist visit our website and click the “Book Now” button or call us on (02) 8520 8818.

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